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Of Goyim and Strangers

“It is forbidden for the Jewish people to set up a government that includes Goyim and Strangers”. This astonishing statement was made by Ms. Daniella Weiss, during an interview with Esty Perez on the News channel (Reshet B), yesterday. Daniella Weiss is a prominent Religious Orthodox settlement leader, who has lived for years in the settlement Kedumim in the Occupied Territories.  The dismal remark was made by her, when asked her opinion on the chances of Netanyahu forming a new government with right-wing parties, which would need the support of the Arab(!) party from Mansour Abbas. (Goyim are all those who are not part of the Chosen People, and thus inferior). Netanyahu’s chances are minimal, because one of his “partners”, the Religious Zionists Party, has refused adamantly to agree to even outside support by the Arabs, who they call terrorists and supporters of terrorism. While Smotrich, the leader of the Religious Zionists, has been very clear and unrelenting in his refusal, Netanyahu, through a series of prominent rabbis, has pressured him incessantly to change his mind. And a group of rabbis has now made statements to the effect that they would accept the outside support of Abbas, for “pragmatic” reasons. In other words, a government with an accused corrupt politician, who needs the support of a Goy, is still preferable over the other option, a government of Leftists.

The rabbis are clever enough to avoid being too clear about their reasons for wanting or not wanting the religious Zionist Part to agree to the support of Abbas, but Ms. Weiss expressed the true feelings of the religious community (and maybe also parts of the not religious public) and she quoted the Book of Ezra to strengthen her views: The Jewish people cannot and should never align itself with Goyim and Strangers. Ms. Weiss also was happy to point out that these Goyim, Israeli Arabs that have lived here longer than she has, are here only because of mistaken historical events and that in any case they are here only temporarily, until the Jewish people corrects these mistakes. (Betzalel Smotrich, used the same arguments from the lectern of the Knesset only last week, when he claimed that Arabs are Israeli citizens, and live in Israel, “at least for now”. And nobody stopped him……).

It now appears that even with the pressures of the rabbis, Smotrich is not going to give in and Netanyahu will not be able to set up a new government (he may have some surprises up his sleeve though), but that already has become a minor item in this story. Daniella Weiss is in the forefront of attempts to “cleanse” Israel from goyim and strangers, and the main difference between her and right-wing (religious) politicians, is that she is willing to say out loud what others are only thinking: Israel is for the Jews and for the Jews only.

No argument or Bible book can justify the blatant racism of Ms. Weiss, racism that the State of Israel is fighting against all over the world (and rightly so) but is slowly implementing at home, under the guise of “the Home of the Jewish People”.

Do the Jews of Israel (and in the Diaspora) really want the “Home” that Daniella Weiss and her religious friends are actively pursuing?  As a Goy, I surely am worried.

I hope you found this article interesting and I welcome any comments you may have.

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