About Me

I am a 68 year old Israeli, originally from Holland. I have lived in Israel since 1977, I am married to an Israeli woman, and I have four children, all of whom live in Israel.

I have lived for the past 25 years in a small moshav where I can fill my limited spare time with gardening, and where I have seen my children grow up.

I came to Israel as a student at the Weizmann Institute, where I did my Ph.D. in Structural Chemistry. I have held positions at several Israel companies and I am currently employed by a large company in the North of Israel.

I am not Jewish. A simple fact that did not play a big role in my life or with decisions that I would make in the many years that I have lived here, but it has always been in the background and sometimes would jump out to confront me, mostly in unpleasant ways.

I have seen Israel develop from a Social-Democratic State into something that is rapidly becoming a Theocratic and Racist entity and it worries me more and more every day.

For the past couple of years I wrote a blog in the Jerusalem Post, which was a means to vent my frustration and sometimes anger about what is happening around me. Unfortunately, the JP decided to end the blog feature and so, after quite some hesitation, I decided to take the step of setting up my own blog site.

I hope it will enable me to express what I feel and think about what is happening in Israel (and beyond), while at the same time making it sufficiently interesting for you to want to read it.

Jan van Mil