The End of the Netanyahu Era? And does it matter?

Last week, finally, the Israeli parliament decided (by default) on new elections, the fourth time in less than two years. No doubt a positive development. The current government surely is the worst, the most wasteful, the most corrupt and the most ineffective in the history of Israel and “good riddance” is all that is left […]

The Truth about the Vaccination Drive

The world has been watching in awe and wonder at the vaccination drive that Israel launched three weeks ago. By now almost a million and a half Israelis have received their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine and today the drive to administer the second dose will start. And without any hesitation, and also to […]

Who’s the Boss?

After two weeks of not enforced and no adhered to lockdown, Israel is today heading towards a real closure, with commerce, workplaces and schools almost completely shut down and with severe limitations on gatherings and even the distance you are allowed to be away from your home. While it is clear that the hardship and […]

Anarchists of a Different Breed

For ten days now, violent demonstrations are being held, mostly in Jerusalem, to protest the death of a 17-year old boy, Ahuvya Sandak, who died when the car he was travelling in collided with a police vehicle during a chase. Sandak, together with four other boys in the car were spotted by police throwing rocks […]

The Choice Israel Will Need to Make

This week (finally) saw the end of the most embarrassing government Israel has ever had. With it, one of the major coalition partners, the Blue-White party will go to its well-deserved demise. Already seven months ago, when the coalition agreement was signed, speculations were rife if Netanyahu would keep any or all of his promises […]

Humane Anti-Semitism

The latest controversy in Europe labelled by Jewish organizations as “Anti-Semitic” centers around an absurd contradiction in terms: “The HUMANE Slaughter of Animals”. Slaughter means (primarily): The Violent killing of animals, for Food. It appears that if the slaughter of animals can possibly be done in a “humane” manner, why should it be limited to […]

Thank you for Not Creating me a Woman

This week it is Hanukah, the Jewish Festival of Light, with candles being lit daily and jelly donuts being eaten in large quantities. Children are on vacation and in regular years, in most municipalities, theater shows are held for their entertainment. This year, with the Corona limitations, the shows are still being organized but will […]

Corona in Israel: Incompetence, Stupidity and Lack of Trust

With the start of the supply to Israel of the Corona vaccine, there is hope that the crisis may be coming to an end and that our lives can return to normal (as far as “normal” is possible here). But the vaccination process is going to take months at least and there are serious questions […]

The Spy who should be left out in the Cold

Jonathan Pollard. Is he really an Israeli Hero? Or no more than a thief who made the biggest mistake a thief can make and got caught? In Israel, the opinions are divided, and they have been ever since Pollard was caught by the FBI in Washington in 1985 and later convicted of leaking classified materials […]

Budget Games

The end of the year is rapidly approaching but Israel still does not have a State Budget for the next year, 2021, which promises to be exceedingly challenging. Moreover, Israel does not have a State Budget for the current year even though according to the Coalition Agreement, a two-year budget (20-21) should have been passed. […]