When will the Israeli Government deal with the Palestinian Issue?

In the past couple of months, Israel has gone through the most significant changes almost since the establishment of the State. Slowly but surely, democratic principles and procedures are being restored and the State and its government are step-by-step, returning to how a State and a government should work in a democratic environment. After years […]

Education in Israel

The Israeli education system was subject of three stories in the news this week and they should have every parent with school-age children worried, both from an educational as well as a moral view. The first two stories describe the worries and protests of parents at two different schools in the Tel Aviv area. In […]

The Sephardi-Ashkenazi Divide in Israel

The Zionist dream was born in Europe more than a hundred years ago under the cloud of increasing anti-Semitism. The dream of a country where Jews could live as Jews, in freedom and prosperity, without the fear of being prosecuted, denigrated and discriminated against for the simple reason that they are Jewish. The flow of […]

Democracy or Politics?

Oded Goldreich. A name that probably doesn’t mean anything to most Israelis.Either because they never heard of him or have already forgotten. But Oded Goldreich, a professor in mathematics and computer science at the Weizmann Institute of Science, has become a symbol of how politics has taken over democracy as well as most aspects of […]

Corona, Again!

Just when we thought we had won. Just when we believed we had beaten it. Just when we went back to “regular” routine, the “delta” variant of the Corona virus appeared and reshuffled the cards and showed us that we may have won one battle, but the war is still on. While in June the […]

Artem Dolgopyat, Olympic Hero but Second-Class Citizen

With the Olympics in Tokyo dominating many television screens the world over, also in Israel the hopes are high for success and the medals that come with. And with only one gold metal ever won in the past, the gymnast Artem Dolgopyat became an instant hero, and his name became a household word after his […]

A Storm in an Ice Cream Cone

Last night Israel was hit by a mid-summer storm. No, not in a teacup, in an ice cream cone. Ben & Jerry, the American (originally Jewish-owned) ice-cream manufacturer made a decision to stop selling its products in the Occupied Territories and East Jerusalem. The decision was made after intensive pressure from various (BDS related) sources […]

The Nation-State Law

The Nation-State Law is a fact. It was passed with a comfortable majority in the Knesset long ago and now the Israeli Supreme Court has (with an astonishing majority), given its final approval. I am an Israeli. I have lived here for forty years. I married an Israeli woman. I have four Israeli children. I […]

The Farce of the Citizenship Law and the Real Dangers Behind it

On Monday, the Knesset voted not to extend the Citizenship Law (Citizen and Entry into Israel Law). Not because the legislators had come to the conclusion that the law is racist and discriminatory. Knesset members apparently find cheap political games and ego more important than the Security of the State. (It doesn’t appear the law, […]

Thou Shalt Not Steal. A New Interpretation

This weekend, blatant illegal action by a group of more than 50 families came to an end. But it did not end in a way illegal action is mostly stopped. In this case, the perpetrators negotiated with the Israeli government and reached an agreement whereby they would stop their illegal activity, while the government will […]