The Israel Prize as a Tool to Destroy Israel Democracy

Until a couple of weeks ago, Professor Oded Goldreich was unknown to the general public in Israel even though he is an acclaimed mathematician and a professor at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot. That anonymity was suddenly broken when it became known that he was nominated to receive the Israel Prize, the most […]

The Holocaust and Israel’s Real Savior

Yesterday was “Yom HaShoah” in Israel. Holocaust Memorial Day. A day overloaded with emotions and feelings. A day with numerous ceremonies, a day with a 10 am nation-wide siren, with everybody and everything stopping in its tracks for two minutes, a day with special attention to the ever dwindling number of Holocaust survivors, (even though […]

Trials and (Political) Tribulations

Yesterday, Israel was the scene of an infuriating and saddening coincidence. While in a Jerusalem courtroom accused criminal, Prime Minister Netanyahu, stood in front of his accusers and heard the crimes he is standing trial for, at the other side of town, the Israeli president, Reuven Rivlin, received the fraction leaders of the parties just […]

Israeli Elections: A sign of Hope?

It’s been thirty-six hours since the ballot stations closed and the Israel Election committee is busy counting the votes. The process is delayed somewhat because of the relatively large number of “double envelope” votes that were cast this time because of the Corona crisis, while the counting is slower for the same reason. But ninety […]

Israeli Elections: Reflections the day after.

It is just over fourteen hours ago that the polls closed in Israel and the speculations, calculations and confusion began. And while, with the predictions on all three TV stations last night at ten pm, Netanyahu had a clear advantage and should be able to set up a government, considering that the opportunist Bennett will […]

The Israeli Dilemma: Dictatorship now, or Elections (again) in November

Next week, Israel is going to elections, but Israelis do not seem to be duly impressed by this opportunity to exercise their basis democratic right. And it is not surprising that elections are not really one’s priority any more when Netanyahu has carefully planned the Corona crisis such that just now, the country is opening […]

Defense and Elections

Since its establishment 73 years ago this spring, Israel has been at war, or in a state of war, most of the time. The peace accords with Egypt and Jordan have improved the security status of Israel significantly but the Northern border has been a continued source of tension, in particular with Hezbollah in Lebanon, […]

Jewish Conversion and Jewish Coercion

Last Monday, after fifteen years of waiting, the Israeli Supreme Court handed down a decision regarding non-orthodox conversions, that will reverberate for quite some time in both orthodox religious circles as well as the Reform and Conservative Jewish communities in Israel and abroad. Responding to a petition of eleven non-Israelis, who converted in Israel with […]

Elections Israeli Style

With three weeks to go until the elections in Israel, it is already clear that this time around it is just going to be “more of the same”. This election, like the three before it, are no longer about ideology, about what people think, about how people want to see the future of Israel. There […]

A Year of Corona

Israel (and the world) have now been in the grip of the Corona virus for a year and life for all has changed drastically with no clear sight on returning to “normal” routine anytime soon. The political and health authorities have several times promised that the end of the pandemic is near but they were […]