Corona, Again!

Just when we thought we had won. Just when we believed we had beaten it. Just when we went back to “regular” routine, the “delta” variant of the Corona virus appeared and reshuffled the cards and showed us that we may have won one battle, but the war is still on. While in June the […]

Corona: One More Time

In the past week Israel was roughly awakened from its post-Corona euphoria and new cases are rapidly spreading through the country, with youngsters being affected more, mostly because they are not (yet) vaccinated.For a couple of weeks, it appeared that Israel was putting the pandemic behind it and return to a “normal” life. Normal meaning, […]

The Tragic Scandal that is Israeli Politics

Israel is still struggling with the Corona virus, and even as more than a million Israelis already have received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine, the number of new patients does not decrease significantly, standing at more than 5,000 daily and the number of deaths hovers around 50 death per day.  The hospitals are overburdened […]