The Meron Disaster and the Haredim

Israel is still in shock from the disaster that struck at Mt. Meron and in mourning for the 45 people that were killed there. Hospitals in the North were overwhelmed with injured that were brought in in large numbers by the rescue services. While it is still not fully clear what happened during that fateful […]

In the Next Haredi Funeral, they will be Burying the State of Israel

This week has shown Israelis (and the world who watched in disbelief) that there is the State of Israel and the Haredi enclaves. While in Israel, the Corona pandemic restrictions are being violated to a significant extend, in the Haredi community, the restrictions simply do not apply. The Haredi leadership has chosen to ignore the […]

Haredim are Above the Law

With Israel in “lock-down” for three weeks already and at least another week to come, many of us are trying to stay within the safety regulations, but at the same time to explore the limits of the lockdown rules and sometimes breaking them if “we think it is OK”. And with the rules often designed […]