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In this era of Social Media, where everyone can express himself, vent his anger, show his love, and tell the world what he thinks and feels, it seems that a new blog may be superfluous, too much and really not needed.

However, the effect of expressing yourself on Facebook or Twitter is different from writing an article in a newspaper, even if only in its on-line edition. And I guess that for many, writing opinion pieces in newspapers, the question of “who wants it” or “who will read it” are much less relevant than “who needs it”. The one, who needs it most, is likely the person who writes it. The urge to express yourself, to vent your anger, frustration and dissatisfaction, but also (sometimes) pleasure and happiness, is what leads most people to pick up a pen and get off his chest that what irks him.

I wrote a Blog in the Jerusalem Post for several years. I have no idea who read it, how many people read it, and what effect it had on those who did read it, but for me it was an (intellectual and emotional) outlet, that made me feel that I am able to say something when I feel I have something to say, and saying it is already sufficient, without knowing who or how many would read my thoughts.

But then the JP, rather suddenly, decided to shut the Blog site and I was left without an outlet. I hesitated quite a while but decided that I need this. I need the possibility to say what I have to say, to express what I feel and to preach what I believe in.  So that is how this blog was born, and if you are reading this you already took the time to read the first half page of my blog, and, hopefully it convinced you to read on and also read the next post, and the one after that.

Why do I feel the urge to write what I feel and think? What will I write about? Judging from the blogs I wrote in the JP (and if you want, you can look them up, they are still on line), a variety of topics made me feel the need to write, from politics to Judaism to the National Bird, so I will not commit to what I will write.

I hope you will find it worthwhile reading and I will enjoy reading any comments, remarks you may have.

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