Anarchists of a Different Breed

For ten days now, violent demonstrations are being held, mostly in Jerusalem, to protest the death of a 17-year old boy, Ahuvya Sandak, who died when the car he was travelling in collided with a police vehicle during a chase. Sandak, together with four other boys in the car were spotted by police throwing rocks at Palestinian cars near Ramallah and drove off when the police attempted to apprehend them.

The circumstances surrounding the collision are not yet completely clear, and it appears that causing an accident to stop escaping offenders is an extreme measure that warrants investigation by the appropriate authorities. At the same time, it needs to be clarified what happened after the collision, since the police and First Aid personnel that arrived on the scene, claim that he youngsters who managed to get out of the car unscathed, failed to tell them about a fifth passenger (Sandak), who, as became clear later, was crushed underneath the overturned vehicle but could have been saved, had medical personnel been aware of him.

To put things in perspective, it is important to understand who these youngsters are. They are part of what is called collectively, the “Hilltop Youth”. All over the occupied West Bank, illegal outposts are established by young religious extremists believing the land is theirs and their alone. To reinforce the claims of the settlers, they, together with the Hilltop Youth, terrorize the local Palestinian population, throwing stones, damaging cars and other property, destroying fruit and olive trees. The police, and the IDF are somewhat at a loss what to do about this Jewish terrorism and as long as it doesn’t reach extreme proportions such as the Duma murders, mostly nothing at all is done. And this has only encouraged the Hilltop Youth to become even bolder in their actions and harassing the local population even more, knowing that they are being supported by the settlers, the right-wing political parties and Netanyahu himself who is always eager to have his dirty work done by others.

That is also the reason that the police in Jerusalem does not seem to be able to gain control over the demonstrations, which often have turned violent against Palestinian passersby, as well as against the police who are trying to prevent disorderly conduct such as blocking of roads.  Rumors have it now that the police are hesitant to take the required action against the demonstrators out of fear that the result will be an increase in terrorist actions by the Hilltop Youth against Palestinians.

In other words, a seemingly minor group of settlers and youngsters has grown into a terrorist organization that the police believe needs to be appeased to prevent them from taking out their wrath on innocent bystanders. Apparently the real anarchists are not the demonstrators against Netanyahu on Balfour street, but his very own right-wing Jewish Supremacist collaborators in the Occupied Territories.

Authorities have for a long time now shown hesitancy in taking action against the settlers and the Hilltop Youth, and when action already was taken it always appeared as if the police was holding back, no matter that in the past months, Army vehicles have been vandalized and soldiers have been violently confronted. With every incident the anarchists will get bolder and it will be harder for the authorities to get them under control. Question is of course if anybody wants them under control.

It is unfortunate that as a result of one of their illegal actions a 17-year old had to lose his life, but he may not be the last if these anarchists are no forced to abide by the law just like anybody else.

Or is it irrelevant because most likely most of those victims will naturally be Palestinians.

I hope you found this article interesting and I welcome any comments you may have.

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